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The Blue Zones

A system for changing your life to live longer and healthier.


Graphic showing different areas of life

Basically, people in these 5 Blue Zones share the following lifestyles:

  • Diet: they tend to eat a lot of vegetables and less meat, eat more whole (not processed) foods, eat modest quantities, and most have a glass of wine at dinner.

  • Physically active: they are not going to the gym every day, but they walk a lot and do a lot of manual housework and yardwork.

  • Community: they have a strong group of people that they connect with regularly.

  • Belief system: they are guided by a strong moral compass and believe in a higher purpose.

From the Blue Zones website, you have several tools available to help you adapt these same lifestyle habits.

  1. The most comprehensive way to get started is to try their free 4 week challenge which walks you the philosophy and includes assessments to see where you are now with your lifestyle and has printable trackers to help you work on different aspect to gradually change to a Blue Zone lifestyle.

  2. The most difficult change for many people is diet, and the web page has many tools for that. There is a free recipe page where you can find recipes inspired by the Blue Zones that will help you eat healthier. For even more help, you can pay $99/year for the meal plan to customize meals for your whole week, develop a shopping list and even send the shopping list to have the groceries delivered.

If you still aren't convinced you need to adapt a Blue Zones lifestyle, take a look at Dan Buettner's Ted Talk! By following these principles we can all be healthier and happier.

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