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Boost Your Well-being: The Power of Celebrating Every Success

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Group of people of various ages gathered together with wine glasses and sparklers. They are all smiling and enjoying an evening of togetherness.
You want to feel better? Celebrate something!

Happiness Happens Challenge Day 28

What is the power of celebrating every success?

moments of celebration make us pause and be mindful, and that boosts our well-being.

(“Why You Should Celebrate Everything”)

How does celebrating boost our well-being?

  • Celebrating is a form of gratitude practice that gets you to focus on positive things happening in your life. As we focus on positive events, we are literally rewiring our brains for more positive thinking and feel-good vibes.

  • By noticing our wins, it builds confidence and resilience to help us achieve our goals.

  • When we celebrate with others, we enhance our social bonds and sense of community.

  • Celebrating increases our feel-good emotions, which helps us cope with stress more easily.

Take time to notice and celebrate your wins at work - alone and with others. By noticing and celebrating your individual small wins, you will build your confidence and be able to take on more. By celebrating group wins with your team, you will build a positive work culture, increasing collaboration and engagement. You can also celebrate team members' birthdays as a way to acknowledge individuals and help them feel valued, as well as organizational anniversaries to cement your group culture.

How can you harness the power of celebrating every success?

  • Notice even the small wins - you submitted a report by the deadline, got a warm thank you from a client, got everything off your to-do list, etc.

  • Do something to celebrate those wins mindfully. It can be as small as getting a fancy drink at Starbucks or as big as throwing a party. Just do something to mark the occasion.

  • Do something to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. It is suggested to come up with traditions for each so that you have that to look forward to. For example, in my family, we always have cake for breakfast on birthdays!

Another great way to boost well-being is with activity. Download this free guide of fun ways you can boost your activity.

“Why You Should Celebrate Everything.” Psychology Today, 2015, Accessed 29 Aug. 2022.


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