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The Short Story

Cordes has been a stay-and-home mom raising 4 children while trying to build 2 businesses. She understands the difficulties of being immersed in family life and putting herself last. She has had sleepless nights and seemingly uncontrollable schedules. She understands the challenge of balancing the need to be present for the family with the financial burden caused by diminished income. She understands what it is like to answer the question “What do you do?” with “I’m just a stay-at-home mom” and feeling that she wasn’t able to express her true talents and abilities.

Cordes has dedicated her life to teaching and coaching adults and teens to lead better lives. She has created courses on a wide range of topics - from wilderness skills, Albanian conversation, AP Government, International Relations, Report Writing for UN workers, and college exam prep to religious topics, leadership skills, games, leadership and more. In addition to the learning she created for her classrooms, she has created learning for organizations such as the Prince George’s School District, WETA, CSPAN, YMCA Camp Thunderbird, The American Church of Bonn, The United Nations Development Fund and others.

Recognizing that her teenage children still needed her, in 2022, Cordes left the classroom again to create her second company focused on creating courses. However, instead of spending most of her time creating courses, she found herself immersed in learning what it means to start and run a virtual business. She took all the courses, followed all the podcasts, joined every webinar and researched every topic.

Then she discovered everyone was coming to her for all the answers, and she realized she could help more women find freedom by empowering them to overcome their doubts and confusion and creating a clear path to entrepreneurship.

Now Cordes blogs, teaches and coaches women on how to get the ideas in their heads into a business that brings freedom by empowering women to unleash their inner superpowers and create the life they dream of.

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Speaking Topics

All speaking engagements aim to empower women to grow their businesses. Cordes focuses on incorporating brain science and proven methods with simple steps and applications to help women unleash their inner superpowers and achieve their potential so they can find freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment.

Monthly Webinars

Unveiling the Goal Getter Secret: Navigating SMART Goals with Brain Science

Each month Cordes has free webinars on the following topics to empower women to start businesses:

  1. Turn your idea into a viable business plan

  2. Set up a legitimate business

  3. Get seen so you can sell

Follow on social or look at the home page for this month's live webinar. You can also contact Cordes to deliver this content to your group.​

Have you ever set a SMART goal, only to find yourself struggling to achieve it? Join me in uncovering the Goal Getter Secret, where we delve into the intricacies of setting and accomplishing goals backed by the fascinating insights of brain science.

  1. Consider the Big Goal as a Wish

  2. Consider 1-3 First Steps in the Next 6 Months

  3. Convert Your Objectives into Daily or Weekly Actions

Plus, helpful implementation strategies to guarantee success!

Mastering FLOW: Transform Your Business and Life

In "Mastering FLOW," we'll dive deep into the acronym that holds the key to success: Focus, Love, Operations, and Well-being. Discover the art of working with intention, fostering meaningful connections, streamlining your operations, and prioritizing your well-being. This transformative session is your shortcut to achieving more ease, joy, and success in your entrepreneurial journey. Don't miss out – let's unlock your FLOW together in this dynamic and impactful session!

Overcome Overwhelm

The "Overcome Overwhelm" session helps you go from chaos to clarity. I'll equip you with tools to regain control over your life and business. I'll guide you to set actionable goals and plan your week with achievable steps. Learn the power of daily focus and reflection for continuous growth. Navigate your entrepreneurial journey with confidence and purpose, leaving behind chaos for lasting success.

If you’d like more information about having Cordes speak at your event, get in touch today.

  • At some point, I have been able to converse in French, Hungarian, and German.....but never at the same time!

  • I developed a wilderness survival program for kids.

  • I have served on Boards for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, a Social Club, an International Women's Group, school volunteers, professional organizations, and a church.

  • I created a guide to help people learn basic, conversational Albanian.

  • I broke my leg while walking my dog.

  • I met my husband while we were both Peace Corps Volunteers.

  • I have worked at over 7 different summer camps.

  • I love camping! 

  • I make my own sourdough starter.

  • I had a vegan blog.

  • I biked and camped with my husband on the C&O Canal in Washington, D.C., and the Mosel River in Germany.

  • I was so cold when I climbed Mt. Olympus that I put dirty socks on my hands to keep them warm.

  • I qualified for (and ran) the Boston Marathon.

  • I have never rollerbladed.

Fun Facts

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