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Invest in Your Business Growth with Us

Tired of juggling work and family?

Our self-paced course turns your ideas and talents into a home-based business  so you can create a life of freedom and flexibility to live on your terms.
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Working from Home

What you can expect

  • Unlock your inner superpowers to form a business.

  • Gain confidence that you can start a home-based business.

  • Start living life on your terms!

You feel like you are forced to choose between family or career.

😩 Maybe you are working full-time and feel stressed every time you have to arrange a doctor’s appointment for your kids.

🛑 Maybe you decided to put your career on hold so you could be with your kids, but you worry about what it will be like to reenter the workforce when they are older or tired of telling people you are “just” a stay-at-home mom.

🤫 Maybe you have taken less demanding positions to be more available for your family, but you secretly worry about how this affects your career.

🕒 Maybe every minute of your day is scheduled to accomplish something for work or the family. You manage to get everything done, but there is no wiggle room, and any schedule change causes stress and incredible feats of gymnastics.

🌙 Maybe you are putting in late nights to get work done after the kids go to bed and skimping on personal care so that you can get it all done, but you are physically and mentally exhausted and don’t feel you are actually able to enjoy your family.

📚 Maybe you want to homeschool your kids, but you don’t know how you could give up your income to be at home with them, and you feel guilty that you are prioritizing work.

I get it!

I have experienced ALL of these!

However, I discovered that by starting a home-based business, I can design my own schedule to be there for my kids, earn an income and feel like I am doing something important for the world.


Using my experience starting and running two home-based businesses while caring for 4 kids and my 2+ decades of teaching, I have designed a course to empower women to live the life they dream of.

With Business Builder you will...

"Cordes provides creative ideas that challenge us to think outside the box."

Li-Chen Tsai

What's included?

Imagine in 6 months if

Image by Denys Nevozhai


You take the course today

  • You have a business registered in your name

  • You have designed a schedule which allows you to do what’s important to you

  • You are collecting income while you work at home

  • You are available for your family

  • You are achieving your professional goals


You postpone the course for later

  • You are still trying to figure out how to do it all

  • You feel you are sacrificing either your family or your career

  • You are stressed because you are reacting to events rather than controlling what you do each day

  • You are still waiting for the circumstances to be right to achieve your dreams

What are you waiting for?


How much time will I need to dedicate to finish the course?

There are five modules, each with two to three lessons and worksheets. We try to keep the videos under 10 minutes so you can focus on implementing the ideas. If you dedicate one hour per day to the course, you could finish it in a week. If you want to spend more time completing the activities, you can, but we promote action over busyness, so we want you to progress quickly. We also provide materials to help you learn to organize your time to help you reach your goals.

What if I have no idea about what I want to do for a business?

This course is designed for you! The first module will give you ideas of home-based businesses and help you to uncover what talents you have that you could turn into a business.

What if I already have an idea for a business? Is this course for me?

This course can help you validate and test what ideas you may already have. Sometimes we have ideas, but we aren’t sure if they are work, and our course will give you tools to help test and refine your ideas.

Do you have more questions?

Reach out to Cordes via DM on your social media of choice, and she will try to address your questions.

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This is a special introductory offer that allows you to participate in the building of the course. The first module is live, and you can start today. There will be no increase in fees as other modules are added.

Self-Paced course with private portal ($250)


  • 📽️ 5 Video-based modules

  • ⏲️ On-Demand access

  • 📝 Supporting worksheets for all lessons

  • 📰 Video Transcripts

  • ​🔗 Links to resources

  • 💬 Private Chat Support

Bonus Materials Included:

  • 🗺️ Business Builder Roadmap ($50)

  • 📊 Business Plan Template ($50)

  • 📢 Elevator Pitch Script ($50)

  • ⚖️ Start-Up Legal Checklist ($50)

  • 🪄 Milestone Magic ($50)

  • 🎓 Course Completion Planner ($50)

  • 💡 Business Naming Guide ($50)

Start your business today!

My Guarantee


I stand behind my program with an iron-clad 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't feel you have received 25x the value you spent within the first month, simply let me know, and we'll give you your money back.

It's that simple.

Don't let fear hold you back from investing in your business growth.
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