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Run your business with flow and ease

Stress less and do more that matters so you can grow your business and live the life you dream
Confident Businesswoman

Have you felt you aren’t achieving your potential with your business because:

  • you spend time putting out fires instead of planning for the future?

  • you are wearing all the hats and don’t know what to focus on?

  • you are struggling to keep up with the information and tasks?

  • you waste time trying to figure out your software or trying to get it to all talk to each other?

  • there aren’t enough hours in the day to do what you need - even when you burn the candle at both ends?

  • you aren’t able to relax and enjoy time with your friends and family?

Flourish as a business owner

Clarity and focus

Develop a compass to guide your business and daily decisions.

Systems that flow

Develop routines and systems that make running your business easy.

Reconnect with Joy

Let stress disappear as you learn to manage your time and tasks for maximum impact.

I know how it feels.

Meet Cordes

I have spent sleepless nights in overwhelm trying to run a business and manage a household of 4 children while neglecting myself. Over the years I learned how to integrate my sense of purpose with my daily actions. I will share what I have learned to help you flourish using my decades of experience in helping people achieve their goals.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Cordes as the perfect partner to lead you in organizational and self improvement.

Sarah W., Maryland

Female tourist in Vienna

The 3 Steps to Flourishing

Find your focus

Identify clear, achievable business objectives to help your business grow.

Make your plan

Identify the simple actions you can take to reach your goals.

Put it into action

Start living the life you dream today!

Stop stressing about your business and find your flow so you can flourish.

I know you want to be a flourishing business owner.

In order to do that, you need flow and ease in your daily systems and routines.

The problem is that there is limited time, which makes you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

I believe we can change how we use our time to feel more time affluent and less stressed. I understand the overwhelm of being a business owner, wife, mother and household manager, which is why I teach other female entrepreneurs how to be more intentional with their time.

Here’s how I do it:

  1. I help you identify achievable, short-term business objectives that will make a measurable impact on your business.

  2. Using my knowledge of behavioral science, I help you identify simple daily actions that will bring you closer to your objectives.

  3. I help you put your plans into action through time management skills, productivity tools and accountability systems.


Don’t waste any more time doing things that don’t matter. Book a free call to find your focus today. In the meantime, read what it means to flourish and truly succeed as a business owner here and here.

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    Ready to stress less and achieve more?

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