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Happiness Happens Challenge Day 7

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Person with sunglasses and a hoodie lying down in the grass with their hands behind their head.
Nap time!!

For today's challenge, take a nap!

Why take a nap?

People who get the most out of napping are very driven and highly motivated. They want to get ahead, and they know that sleep plays a big part in performing at their best in daily life—at work, in relationships, in tackling challenges and goals both physical and mental.

(9 Interesting Ways Napping Can Make Your Life Better, 2018)

Why does napping help fuel positive feelings?

The amount of sleep we get is a major factor in our mental wellness. Most of us simply don't get enough sleep and napping is one way to catch up on that sleep. However, it also seems that our bodies were designed to have one longer sleep at night and a short sleep in the day, so by taking a nap, you are supporting your body's natural rhythms. You may have felt that afternoon slump before, and maybe that's when you reach for caffeine, but a nap may give you the boost in mental alertness that you are looking for (or try a coffee nap!). A nap can boost your mood, energy and thinking powers as well as lower your stress levels and blood pressure. By napping you can be happier and more successful at work.

Some best practices for napping are

  • keep it short: the twenty minute power snooze you have heard of keeps you in the lighter phases of sleep, but you may have occasional longer naps up to 90 minutes when you need to catch up.

  • take your nap 7 hours after you wake up: this allows you to work with your circadian systems

  • don't nap if you suffer from insomnia or depression: for these people, naps will not be helpful as it is more important for them to be wakeful so they can sleep better at night.

Go ahead and get the rest you need!

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