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Happiness Happens Challenge Day 3

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

For today's challenge, savor something!

So what does it mean to savor something? According to

Whether it’s a feeling of joy or a piece of pecan pie — when you savor something, you enjoy it to the fullest. When you savor something, you enjoy it so much that you want to make it last forever. With that in mind, savor carries a connotation of doing something slowly. If you savor that flourless chocolate tart, then you eat it slowly, bit by bit, deliberately picking every last crumb off the plate. The word is often applied to eating, but you can savor any pleasurable experience, whether it’s the winning touchdown or your moment in the spotlight.

Savoring works as a kind of mindfulness that we can use throughout our day to recognize and appreciate the small things that bring us joy every day. By practicing savoring, we are inviting joy into our lives one small step at a time. You can easily implement this practice by savoring your morning coffee so that you start every day with a small bit of joy.

You can also practice savoring at work. When you feel the pressure rising, take a small break to savor something - maybe the sunlight coming through the window, and afternoon piece of chocolate from the snack machine, the sound of people chatting or maybe you can hear music that you enjoy.

The practice of savoring helps us to rewire our brain to more positive thinking. We are making neural connections that are teaching us to recognize and appreciate the good things in our life. As we make more of these positive connections, we start to shift our mindset to a more positive outlook which affects how we view even negative events and stressors in our lives so that we will be less anxious.

So the challenge is to find one small thing you enjoy, and really savor it. What will you savor today?


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