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Send a card and double your happiness: Happiness Happens Challenge Day 15

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

For today's challenge, write a card to someone!

Why write a card?

There is a psychological dimension to every stage of the process of selecting or designing, sending and receiving greeting cards

(“The Psychology of Greeting Cards”)

Why does sending cards make us happier?

Cards are a way to increase social connections, and one of the most fundamental keys to well-being is to connect with other people. Sending a card shows that you are thinking of another person. The greatest benefits come to the person who receives the card, but by doing something for others, we also feel better. The act of selecting, writing and sending a card also helps us to be more appreciative of the people in our lives and gradually change our mindset to a more positive mindset.

Cards shouldn't just be for personal use, but they are very beneficial at work as well. Business have well established patterns of sending cards to clients, but what about managers sending small thank you notes to employees? This small gesture can make employees feel more heard and appreciated and gives them more incentive to invest in their work. It also increases their respect for supervisors and creates a positive work culture.

How can you do it?

Cards can be used for almost any occasion, and sometimes the most appreciated cards are sent for no reason at all. I keep a stack of blank cards that I can write for any purpose, and I usually just put the card on the person's desk or simply hand it to them when I see them. Even the act of handing them a card brings a smile to their face and makes me feel better!

Who will you write to today?

“The Psychology of Greeting Cards.” Cards for Causes, 2020, Accessed 15 Aug. 2022.


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