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Happiness Happens Challenge Day 23

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

For today's challenge, vote!

Why vote?

Relational well-being is grounded in the notion of interdependence of one’s fate with the fates of others through shared engagement in civic life.

( Well-Being and Civic Outcomes)

Why does voting make us happier?

Many connections between civic participation and well being have been found. It builds a sense of connection, which has always been key to mental health. Civic participation connects you to the society at large and helps you support others in some way. We may also do the activity with others, so we feel connected and joined by a common cause. Additionally, it gives us a sense of efficacy as we take control of our situation by becoming actively involved in helping to shape the decisions that affect our lives.

An employee who is civically engaged understands the power of engagement and how to work towards a goal. Organizations can follow political events and inform employees of how the political decisions affect their work and what can be done. Larger organizations can offer smaller interest groups which support various causes as a way for employees to connect with others within the organization. Many organizations now dedicate their purpose to an issue which attracts employees and creates a greater sense of engagement.

How can you do it?

Obviously, your chances to vote are much more limited than civic engagement in general, so start with becoming engaged in the society around you. You could.

  • follow issues on the news and write letters to politicians

  • join a political party and attend some of their events

  • join a protest or march

  • put a bumper sticker up of a cause that means something to you

  • volunteer to help at a polling station or a community center

  • donating to a cause you support

Any of these activities can help you feel more civically engaged and improve your feeling of purpose and well being.

What cause will you support today?

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