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Find your flow

Cordes developed the Flow Framework (F.L.O.W) to help business owners achieve flow and eliminate areas of friction so we can flourish in our business and personal lives. F.L.O.W. represents the 4 areas we need to develop to move from surviving to thriving as business owners so we stress less and do more that matters.






​In order to flourish and thrive, we need to focus on what matters by setting clear goals, values, and purpose, and aligning them with daily actions.


One of the most essential human needs is a sense of love, belonging and connection with others, which we nurture by building positive relationships, finding support, and demonstrating empathy.


In order to make movement toward our goals, we need to establish systems and routines, which include streamlining systems, developing SOPs, practicing effective time management practices, and using project management tools.


Even though well-being is last on the list, it is the basis for all we do. In order to make an impact, we must care for our mental and physical well-being to maintain energy, creativity and focus.

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