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Happiness Happens Challenge Day 13

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

For today's challenge, get rid of old clothes!

Why get rid of old clothes?

"By physically clearing out old items which no longer serve us, we lessen our emotional load."

Dr. Heidi Cox, a clinical psychologist (Parris, 2019)

Why does cleaning out our closet make us happier?

By clearing out our closet, we reduce clutter which causes emotional strain. When your closet is neat and orderly, you feel more peaceful when you are there, and you can find what you need much easier. Another benefit is that you will only have clothes that you enjoy and feel good in. You will be able to focus more and have less problems with indecision paralysis when you look at your closet and try to get dressed. You will not have any guilt or angst when you see no longer loved items in your closet, and you will feel more empowered when you wear the clothes that actually make you feel better. This sense of empowerment and positive energy can flow over into your work by giving you a boost of confidence. (Dress for success!!)

If you need help, you can always watch an episode of Marie Kondo, but on the most basic level, just grab a bag and set a timer for 20 minutes. Go through your closet and try to fill up the bag in the 20 minutes. Afterwards, reflect on how good it feels to have decluttered, to pass on your clothes to someone else, and to keep what you will use and enjoy.

Go ahead, grab a bag and set your timer!

Parris, J. (2019, October 31). 8 Surprising Benefits Of Cleaning Out Your Closet That Are Honestly Life-Changing. Romper; Romper.


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