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Happiness Happens Challenge Day 12

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

For today's challenge, dance!

Why put on the dance moves?

when participants danced, happy chemicals called endorphins were released.

(Field, 2021)

Why does dancing fuel positive feelings?

Dancing is a form of exercise, and exercise is a way to release stress that builds up as a result of our natural flight or fight instincts. Additionally, dancing takes your mind off work or any other stressor in your life - you are simply being present in the moment. Dancers report an increase of mood and a decrease of anxiety and depression. If you need to learn new dance moves, you will have the brain benefits of forming new neural pathways. One study showed improvement in brain functioning! If you dance with other people, you will have the added benefit of developing social connections which also boosts your mental health.

If you are looking for some inspiration, the app Headspace has some quick lessons on different dance moves. You can also try a dancing game like the popular JustDance which is a super easy way to get moving and reason enough to buy a game station. You can also take a dance class at a gym or studio, or simply blast some music and jump around your house.

Go ahead, dance your heart out!

Field, B. (2021, November 18). How Dancing Helps Your Mental Health. Verywell Mind.


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